Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...when you're living out a dream

Top 10 Things I Love About Harry at 10
10. He loves water, fountains, and making wishes
9.  He loves music and the library
8.  He has his own sense of style
7.  He digs deep into whatever interests him
6.  He loves maps, Google Earth or old style
5.  He will persevere
4.  He is creative
3.  He is a charmer
2.  He lives on the bright side of the road,
loves nature and
can find beauty in every moment of every day
1.  He loves everything,
especially me,
for which I am eternally grateful
 Everything Is Awesome (unplugged)

Everything Is Awesome!

Top 10 Things I Love About Jack At 10
10. He is creative and determined!
9. He is a wonderful sous chef
and a great helper all around the house

8. He loves to study history and the stories of the Bible 
(especially the Lego version)
and has a very strong sense of right and wrong

7. He is silly and loves to joke around

6.  He strives to meet personal goals
and knows how to make fun of himself
to help him get past tough moments.
5. He loves to play games,
especially in Ocracoke!

4.  He never met a mirror that he didn't like 

3.  He is enthusiastic about everything
2.  He loves to read and help at the library
1.  He is loving and thoughtful
and doesn't mind showing people, 

which makes me a very lucky mommy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The lemon sings my song

Harry LOVES lemons, as you may remember from previous posts like this one from a few years ago.  Well, he experimented with seeds from restaurant lemons without much success.  We finally bought one last summer and it yielded one lemon that wasn't too impressive.  Hopeful and determined, we brought it inside and nurtured the one flower that grew into a tiny lemon that grew into this lovely specimen that he enjoyed the other night for dinner

...he's still a ham!

Bee Gees' Lemons Never Forget

Like, totally the best!

Finally!  It looks like I am able to load pictures again...

Valentine's Day brought a brief moment of brotherly love that has become less frequent at our house over the years.  It made me nostalgic....

Jack Huggy Face

Harry Huggy Face

The first notice
Sweet smooches
While missing Daddy who was working
Jack would launch himself at Harry when they were about two
Harry was not a fan at first
At some point Harry decided he didn't mind it too much
Harry Huggy Face, circa 2006

Precious moments, because they became more rare....circa 2010
Hug Song by Zia Mohajerjasbi

Thursday, December 6, 2012

To Say Merry Christmas To You

The boys' school had their Winter Program tonite, filled with catchy tunes and a lot of wonderful story about celebrating the holiday despite snow storms that disable the power.  Harry's class were the line workers, and Jack's were carolers complete with ukuleles.  Their music teacher always writes the most creative music and scripts for the kids.  Cuteness abounded.

Harry and his great friend Olivia getting ready for the show,
thanx for the hat and the sweet delivery system!

Jack seriously playing his ukulele
Harry fought to keep his hat on, but had a great time

Jimmy Buffett's Mele Kalikimaka

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

The boys participated in an after-school production of Alice In Wonderland last week.  A wacky time was had by all!
Cheshire Cat is ready to go!
And tells Alice like it is...
...a few times!

Mad Hatter hits the tea party
Jack introducing himself
Harry introducing himself

Harry showing off his art work....a fountain his friend Sara helped him make.
Harry digs into the after party treats
Jack showing off his favorite part of his costume...the tail!
Play is done!
Alice In Wonderland

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let me tell of a time when the world was in rhyme with the sound of our laughter

Harry has always had some connection with opera and lives his life in music, so when an opportunity to go to a real, live opera came up....we jumped on it!  

First, there was the stylish dressing and posing with Mommy...
 ...then the sweet goodbyes with Brother Jack 
(Jack says this picture makes him look like a ragged boy and Harry like a rich man)
 His big send-off pose 
 Let's go, already!
 To get into the spirit of the nite, we went to his favorite Italian restaurant....
 ....you got it, it has a fountain!
 A little more posing, just in case it wasn't obvious that we were excited.  He thought this one made it look like we were really on the streets of Italy ;-)
 A taste of Italy
 It's delish
 ...and messy!

There were no pix during the show, but it was a really great job in a nicely refurbished theater with an art deco styling that Harry dug.  He made it through most of the first half before nodding off, seeming to really like the acting and singing.  He did as if there would be any lady singers after the first scene was nothing but bohemian men.

To say thanx to Daddy for directional assistance and let him and Jack know we loved them, we stopped at a sweet old-fashioned donut store on the way home. 
He's still perfecting his milk 'stache 
The fat lady, as the expression goes, has sung!

La Boheme
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